Yuana Hexamer


Yuana is the Founder and Director of the Dhana Metta Rescue Society. She has worked in the veterinary industry since 2008, and with a local municipal shelter since 2011. Yuana was certified as dog trainer in 1994, and has combined her knowledge in animal health and dog training with operational experience in managing DMRS.


Alison Johnston

Vice President

Alison has been involved with animal welfare and animal rights for forty years, serving on the boards of numerous charities. Alison is looking forward to combining these experience with her passion for the wellbeing of dogs and cats, and applying them in a unique educational environment.


Kristen Hui


Kristen started fostering with the Lower Mainland Humane Society when she was 20 and has grown a passion for rescuing animals and helping however and wherever she can. She uses her experience as an administrative assistant, office assistant and legal assistant to help with administrative tasks that LMHS  requires. She plans on going back to school for her paralegal Diploma and Animal Behaviour degree in Science to continue to help in the Animal Welfare Sector.