Q: My municipality’s bylaw only allows 2 dogs and I already have 2. Can I adopt a dog from you?
A: We will not adopt pets to homes that have already reached their maximum number of pets allowable under their municipal bylaw.

Q: Can I surrender my pet to you for euthanasia?
A: This is not a service we offer, however, we can provide information for other shelters who might.

Q: Where do the pets you have for adoption come from?
A: Our animals are generally surrendered by owners who can no longer keep them, or sent to us from shelters and other animal welfare organizations.

Q: What kind of veterinary care do animals receive before they are adopted?
A: All pets are vaccinated, treated for parasites, spayed/neutered, and given permanent identification before adoption. Many pets require further vet treatment like dentals, surgeries, etc. which we provide as well. We try our best to ensure that every pet is as healthy as it can be before we adopt them out.

Q: If I can’t afford medical care for my pet, can I surrender him and then adopt him back from you later?
A: No, a person who surrenders a pet to us is not eligible to adopt that pet. If you need help paying vet bills, we can provide information for other organizations who may be able to help.

Q: I rent my home. Can I adopt from you?
A: Yes! As long as you can prove that your landlord will allow the pet you have applied for (size/breed/type), we do not discriminate based on home ownership.

Q: I live in an apartment and do not have a yard? Can I still adopt a dog?
A: Every dog is an individual and as such, some require a fenced yard and others are fine just with regular leash walks. If this information is not contained in a dog’s adoption profile, feel free to ask us!

Q: I want to adopt a dog/cat for my child, spouse, parent, etc. Can I adopt from you?
A: We require the person who will be responsible for the care of the pet to apply for adoption. We do not adopt pets to be given as gifts, or to be cared for, primarily, by children.